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When working with our bookkeeping clients we are always looking to minimize “cost” while maintaining or improving “return."  Since we engage our clients and their businesses at an everyday operating level, we know that these can be defined very differently.  We recognize that cost generally means some balance between fees paid and the level of time demanded of the business owner.  Return is typically directly tied to 1) What does the owner need from the books, 2) What do the owner’s other vendors need from the books, and 3) How do we work to make the books fulfill timely and accurate compliance with tax authorities.

When we work on constructing the accounting structure, we discuss all of the above costs and returns.  We also discuss how often financial statements are needed and by whom.  We want to make sure that we fit our services to your needs.  Here are many of the services that we provide and that may be included in weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual retained services: 

  • Account transaction entry and reconciliation to financial institutions
  • Payroll adjusting journal entries regardless of who provides your payroll service
  • Accounts Payable entry and processing
  • Accounts Receivable entry and processing
  • Job costing
  • Custom package of period-end financial statement



122 Granite Ave, Richmond, VA 23226 



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